1. If you haven't yet visited the Home page to review the introduction on the Congo Free State, do so first. Without the introduction, the rest will most likely be confusing.
  2. Begin by going through the written accounts, reading carefully and answering the questions accompanying each document. Be sure to review the summary at the top. It is best to read them in order, because they build off one another. As you read, ask yourself what each sentence or paragraph means, what the author was trying to convey, and who the author might have expected his/her/their audience to be.
  3. Do the same with the photographs. Ask yourself what is happening in each photo, how the individuals in the photo might have felt, and what the photographer's purpose might have been in taking the photo. Keep in mind what you have learned from the written accounts, and consider whether the photos have any similarities.
  4. Review the political cartoons and answer the accompanying questions. Political cartoons can be confusing, so take your time. Note what symbols the artist used, and what point the artist was trying to make. Carefully read any captions, as they can give clues to the meaning of the political cartoon.
  5. Choose two sources that intrigued you the most, and post some of your question responses as a new post under the discussion tab. Title each post with the name of the source you are responding to. Then respond with your own thoughts to at least three of your classmates.